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Tennis lessons are preparing you for a competition ? There are several options depending on your profile and level.

Competitions: Inventory
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The STA is the official representative of tennis in Singapore. They organise singles and doubles tournaments both for juniors and adults all year long.

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The WITS is a team competition reserved for women. There are two seasons of matches per year, in Spring and Autumn. 

They offer a wide range of levels with 8 divisions. Around 600 women take part in the league, with 30% of then being new to tennis competition.

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These competitions are reserved for high level players from all around the world. Many Singaporeans and good players from Asia come to take part in these competitions.


The LTS is also a women only team competition. It is officially supported by the Singapore Tennis Association (STA). 

They have different divisions: Premier A, Premier B, Division 1 & 2, with each team consisting of 6 to 8 players.

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