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We are offering group tennis lessons for kids. We are strongly inspired by the French Federation Program named " Galaxie Tennis ".

This tennis classes program has 5 stages to adapt the game to kids abilities, and not the opposite: adapting kids to the Tennis game. Indeed, the past pedagogy of old tennis coaches doesn't work well : 30% of the players stops classes after 1 year. This "success" rate is too low because it means that on a 6 students group, only one student will attend to the 4th year tennis class.

In order to bring more players to a complete training course, We try to be as close as possible to the game during our kids tennis lessons in Singapore. It keeps the tennis education with a high level of FUN thanks to the game-play and of MOTIVATION because young players can understand assessments and are very proud when they reach the next level ! The program is made of 5 levels from 4 to 11 years old, so each level last between 1 and 2 years in average, but of course it depends of the student.

This is how it looks like (NB : click on it to see a video from the French Federation) :

Spin tennis academy program

What do we work during our tennis lessons on the different stages ?


Players are 4 to 6 years old, and it s mostly there first year in the Tennis Academy.

Goals of the tennis lessons:

Serve: Hit above the head

Return of serve: Getting ready with the 2 hands on the racket, facing the opponent, positioned between the 2 cones.

Baseline shots: Play forehands AND backhands using the 2 faces of the racket, turn around the ball path.

Volley shots: move forward to hit winners.

Game understanding: Play fast, aim where the opponent is NOT, hit the ball hard. Count the score and shake the hand of the opponent at the end of the game.

A very good White level tennis class in a club in France (but sorry for the music):


Players are 5 to 7 years old, and it is mostly there first or second year in the Academy.

Goals of the tennis lessons:

Serve: Hit above the head from the purple baseline, send the ball consistently inside the court’s opponent. “Trophy position” and square stance.

Return of serve: Getting ready with the 2 hands on the racket, facing the opponent.

Baseline shots: Improving ball path understanding, do not rush to the bounce, succeed several shots in a row, hit the ball out in front.

Volley shots: hit the ball back inside the court’s opponent.

Game understanding: Identify the ball IN and OUT, call out the score and know the rule of the 2 serves.

A very good Purple level kids tennis class (very sorry for the music):


From 7 year old

Goals of the tennis lessons:

Serve: Hit above the head from the red baseline, send the ball consistently in the 2 diagonals. Starting position: square stance and contact ball-racket, then pass by the “Trophy position”.

Return of serve: Getting ready with the 2 hands on the racket, facing the opponent, on the toes.

Baseline shots: Be consistent, makes your opponent moving. Differentiate forehand and backhand grip. Recover fast.

Volley shots: Play forehand and backhand volleys, differentiate grips, aim where the opponent is NOT.

Game understanding: STAY FOCUS all game long.

A very good Red level kids tennis class:


Goals of the tennis lessons:

Serve: Starting position with square stance, “continental” to “hammer” grip. CONSISTENT SLICE SERVE!!!!!!

Return of serve: Split step, play offensive on the second serve.

Baseline shots: Split step, Shoulder turn early, play offensive and defensive by using Topspin and slice. Acquiring forehand and backhand grip.

Volley shots: Identification of opportunities to approach the net.

Game understanding: Know how to count is “tennis game” mode. Improvement of conflict management.

A very good Orange level kids tennis class:


Goals of the tennis lessons:

Serve: Aces, use of the “Hammer” grip. CONSISTENT SLICE AND TOPSPIN SERVE!!!!!!

Return of serve: Neutralize on the first serve, intentions of play development.

Baseline shots: Identification of the rally situation (Offensive/Neutral/Defensive), and play the shot that matches with. Topspin Shots on forehand and backhand side. Racket head acceleration before the hit.

Volley shots: Identification of the situation, hit out in front of the player, Control of the balance.

Game understanding: Autonomy and fair play whatever the score is.

A very good Green level kids tennis class (we will make our own videos, I promise it) :

For the French reader, you can find below the details of the technical and tactical skills of each level.

How to reach the Next Level ?

We are planning at least 5 evaluations during a year season. It consists basically in a matchplay session to check if the kids are able to do matches independently in the corresponding level. Then we can thick all the skills that we listed previously, summarize in this tabular form :

If the player does not validate all of the skills, then We will work on again to the next matchplay session. If he does, the Coach honours him with the corresponding medal.

Spin Tennis Academy rewards medal


Spin Tennis Coaching offers tennis lessons for all ages and we have group and

individual tennis classes. Find out more about our Tennis Lessons offered.

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